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January 28, 2010
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-Mac- TV Series Folders E-F by paulodelvalle -Mac- TV Series Folders E-F by paulodelvalle
The images used to create the folders weren't made by me. I just made the folder design and included the TV Series images created by the studios. All Images Rights Reserved to the respected owners or studios.

Attention: Folder Icons for Mac!

- Now all the folder icons are also available for Windows! You can find them in my gallery: [link]

- All the 2010 New Fall Season TV Shows are here too!

Remember to pay attention before downloading an icon pack. Now you have to look if it's made for [Mac] or for [Windows].

New Icons: 275 new folders were added to the collection. See the complete list: [link]


This pack contains 27 TV Series [For Mac].

(Size: 20MB)
- .rsrc
- .png

TV Series:
- Eastbound and Down
- EastEnders
- Eastwick
- Eli Stone
- Entourage
- E.R.
- Eureka
- Everybody Hates Chris
- Everybody Loves Raymond
- Extras
- Firefly
- Five Days
- FlashForward
- Flashpoint
- Flight of the Conchords
- Food Wars
- Friday Night Lights
- Friends
- Fringe
- Full House
- The Event (Premiere: SEPT 20)
- The Forgotten
- The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Cartoons and Animes:
- Eden of the East
- Family Guy
- Fruits Basket
- Futurama

+ Tutorial


If your favorite TV Series (E-F) is not here, send me a message and I'll create the folder and update this file.

There is a tutorial in the file teaching how to change the Folder Icons on the Mac.

Check out the other [Mac] TV Series Folder Icons:
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Please, leave a comment! ;)
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The Following?????? Please, congrtulations for ur job.
could you do The Vikings please, and maybe a couple of older ones like Firefly and if possible Two Fat Ladies thanks
Lovely folders thank you. Falling Skies please
downloaded the whole pack just for entourage -_- thanks!
byronlumley1989 Jun 23, 2011   Interface Designer
Hi, not complaining about your fantastic free icons, for which we are all great full but why do you put slightly transparent layer over half the icon?
Hello! That's a gloss effect. I just put it there because I think it looks nice. But if you want, you can download my PSD template (available in my deviantart gallery) and create your own. Using the template you can disable the gloss effect.

byronlumley1989 Jun 23, 2011   Interface Designer
Hi, I love your icons, and not complaining about the free icons you give us all for which we are most grateful but why do you put a half transparent layer over the top half of the icon?
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